Business English for Beginner Level.

We invite you to join our beginner level course starting on Jan 9th at 18:30 at the President Hotel. It is a 12-week course with 90mins lessons twice a week. 

This course is perfect for people who:

  • have a basic knowledge of English
  • know some English but are afraid to speak
  • want to use English in a business environment
  • really want to improve

We hope this course will help you both in your career and in life in general.

The last class will involve a Native Speaker. We believe native speakers are nothing to be afraid of!

The course costs 335 roubles.

For more information please phone Olga on +375 (29) 364 96-13 (Velcom) or +375 (29) 546 16-45 (MTS).

Also, please download our brochure of the course here.