Diary Entry #1

I thought it would be a nice idea to write a little diary entry now and again and just write about anything that takes my fancy. It will mostly be all the irreverent stuff that happens to me here and it will be liberating for me to write it in such a way that is designed per se for learners of English but will be 100% natural.

Anyway, so today, for example, it wasn't my intention to get caught by controllers but I did (I suppose it's no-one's intention to get caught by controllers). As always, I left my flat in a bit of rush and quickly grabbed my things included some small change because I knew I had to buy a ticket for the bus.

The bus arrived as soon as I crossed the road directly opposite my building and as I got on the bus I started to count my small change and it turned out I had only 52 kopeks. 8 kopeks short of a ticket bought from the driver. Oh well, I thought and decided to sit down and check some things on my phone. Needless to say, two stops later the guys with navy blue waistcoats arrived and started to check everybody's tickets and travel cards. 

One of them approached me and said something. I showed him my travel card something like "it doesn't work. it must have ended yesterday" and then from my hand I showed my change including a couple of round pink tokens for the metro and said "I'm short of money". 

I had no idea how he was going to play he was in his mid-twenties. But, the controller guy counted the money said something i didn't understand and then gave me 3 kopeks and told me to buy a ticket. I was, of course very grateful, and offered a "zhiton" in return (metro ticket) he refused, I said thank you and walked down the bus to get off at the next stop to buy a ticket with my 55 kopeks (it costs slightly more if you buy a ticket from the driver). As a got out I heard the other controller in the middle of argument with a woman who had a young child with her.
I'm glad I got the younger guy and not the older one!
I also miss the good old days of 'conductors'.