Diary entry #2

Is it just me or are there more buskers in the streets than ever before? The thought crossed my mind this afternoon when I was walking in the subway at Ploshad Pobedi. When I entered there were two dudes, one playing the violin and the other playing some sort of big drum thingy. It sounded quite good to be fair. Then, as I got to the other end there was a young man playing some crap on the electric guitar. He brought his amp with him to make sure everyone could hear.

I didn't give any money to them but that's not always the case. I mean, it is most of the time but not always. I used to work on Zybickaja Street (I've only spelt it like Zybickaja only because that's how it spelt on gmaps) and if I got into the habit of giving money I would definitely have no money left for my end of day Lidskoe Svetloe! And, in my experience, there a little bit more aggressive in their demands. They usually have an accomplish who waves some box or hat in your face even though you think the song is shit!play

When I first came to live in Minsk permanently it feels like there were only a handful of buskers including a guy playing a recorder that always used to make me feel like, momentarily, I walked into a dystopian nightmare, like joseph K in Kaftka's The Trial. But, now they're everywhere, bless 'em.

The last time I dipped my hand into my pocket was when I got off at Institut Kulturi and heard some nice strumming on an acoustic guitar and then in a strong, powerful voice "bolshaya goroda..." 

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