Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Why is it that every week, almost without fail, somebody will point outside to the wet, to the grey, to the miserable weather and say something like: “It’s like England”. Before, I would dutifully nod and go ‘yeah’. But now, enough is enough and I’m taking a stand.

Granted, England isn’t exactly the Costa del Sol but it certainly doesn’t have the monopoly on bad weather either. How many hours of blue sky have we had in Minsk this week? I should really ask how many minutes!! I noticed a tiny patch of blue sky late on Friday afternoon; it impressed me so much I even took a photo of it))


Which leads me to the title of my post. It’s hypocritical of the pot to call the kettle black when the pot is most likely black as well.

According to google the average rainfall in London is 594 mm per year compared to the 677 mm in Minsk. Type "average rainfall in ..." and see for yourself!


There you go folks! I rest my case. There is almost 20% more rainfall here in Minsk than in London. So, next time anyone says “Oh, it’s like London today…” be prepared for a mini-lecture!!

And perhaps now you understand what the ‘pot calling kettle black’ idiom is all about 🙂