Self-raising Flour

I’m sure food is a topic I’m going to return to in future posts but I want to start with self-raising flour. In UK shops it is everywhere; you will always find it next to the plain flour. But here in Belarus it’s a different story – I’m guessing it’s a similar situation in Russia, Ukraine and probably Poland too.

I like to cook (sometimes).self-r-fl

I confess, occasionally, I like to bake. I like to bake cakes, biscuits, bread, etc and many of the recipes I know need self-raising flour. I had no idea what’s the difference between plain flour and self-raising flour just that they come in different coloured packets

Therefore much to my frustration for these last two and half years I haven’t been able to locate plain flour. Instead just flour from the Premier League and flour from the 1st division – this is how I internalize it!

Traditional English Scones

Things came to a head when I tried to bake scones the other week. Please bear in mind that I had specially located some nice raisins, cream and jam and was pumped up for eating nice traditional English scones. I knew that using this ‘premier league’ flour was going to be a risk but I thought “what the hell” and decided bak-powto make the recipe anyway. Much to my disappointment it was a total disaster and I had to get to the bottom of this flour fiasco.


It turns out, according to sources close to google, that self-raising flour is just normal flour with some baking powder and salt added to it before packaging. Now I just need to find baking powder …

Jon Weaver