You say hello and I say goodbye

Is it just me or do people here really try their best to avoid saying hello? It feels like that in any situation where you might find two people unknown to each other in a communal environment they will very rarely say Здравствуйте!

This isn’t something that I mind because Здравствуйте isn’t my favourite word to try and pronounce. I’m much more happier with привет but, of course, that would be much too
informal for someone you don’t know. This is in stark contrast to my experience in Barcelona. When I was living in different apartments over there I remember being greeted with an enthusiastic ‘hola’ in which I reciprocated with equal enthusiasm.

In England, I’ve only ever lived in one apartment but I imagine it is somewhere in between the Belarussian and Spanish variant. I think societal pressures would induce a symbolic ‘hi’ or ‘hello ‘ but it would very rarely be said with the same enthusiasm of a Catalan ‘hola’.

Of course, these are sweeping generalisations and there are so many individual circumstances that affect this type of greeting but I am just happy I’ve got this blog to get things like this off my chest. )) How often do you say ‘hello’ to your fellow residents??

Jon WeaverComment